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There is a spirit, a medicine in the images I paint.  I begin with a vision or an emotion of this spirit, translate it to canvas, then allow the freedom of creative expression to guide me.  My work is a compilation of perceptions of the animal spirit and interpretations of visions I have while meditating, creating a mixture of subtle reality with an unseen, imaginative world.  Eyes gazing intently at the viewer begs their consciousness into the divine realities and interconnectedness of nature, which in turn allows us to view the essential nature of our own being.  My work encourages the stimulation of spirituality  through recognizing or at least hinting at the cosmic energy within all beings and the oneness within the universe.  

Georgia born, Helen Seay attended the University of Georgia in Athens focusing on Graphic Design and Scientific/Medical Illustration.  On graduation day she packed up and migrated west to Glacier National Park where her creativity blended with her adoration of nature. Her love of mountains and clean air to breathe brought her to Teton Valley, Idaho. Here, much of her inspiration from the natural world still reflects in her artwork.  She loves loving, creating, dancing, and assisting others in those same things, smiling while doing it all.

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